The Princeton Envelope Group (PEG) is a design and research unit at the Princeton University School of Architecture. Headed by Alejandro Zaera-Polo and coordinated by Urtzi Grau. The unit is engaged in a three year research program on the Politics of the Building Envelope the conclusions of which will be published in a forthcoming book by Actar Press, Barcelona+New York.

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Fabric AtmoSPHERE

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Elements and Section

Roof Elements: Drain (catchment, number of panels, orientation), PV (coverage, panel size, orientation), Skylight (spacing, size, rotation, differentiation), Green (ratio and planting type), Paint (finish, hue shade warm/cool). Section: 1. Extensive Green Roof Subsoil Composite 2. Seasonal Grass Planting by Location 3. Aluminum Flashing 4. 1″ sq. Batten 5. 1″ Rigid Board Insulation 6. Batt […]

Tube Unit Diagram

Floor Area = Roof Area Availability of Overhead Light: The envelope is deployed as a tunable mechanism of light control capable of regulating direct sunlight to meet a wide range of specific requirements.