The Princeton Envelope Group (PEG) is a design and research unit at the Princeton University School of Architecture. Headed by Alejandro Zaera-Polo and coordinated by Urtzi Grau. The unit is engaged in a three year research program on the Politics of the Building Envelope the conclusions of which will be published in a forthcoming book by Actar Press, Barcelona+New York.

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New Orleans Site

Program Distribution The original program of the Magnolia Projects was composed of 1400 residential units in flat vertical buildings: 400 X 1 bdr (360sqf), 400 X 2bdr (480sqf), 200 X 2 bdr (540sqf), 40 X 2 bdr (600sqf), 40 X 3 bdr (720sqf), 200 X triplex 2 bdr (600sqf),80 duplex X 2 bdr (600sqf), 40 […]

Wal-Mart World Map

Walmart World Map The world map charts insolation levels, annual precipitation, cultural protectionism, economic freedom, anti-globalization, and four climatic case studies: Stockholm, Sweden, New Jersey, Cairo, Egypt, and Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Flat Horizontal: Suburban Cast Studies

The shed is more or less a euphemism for what Sloterdijk’s calls a macro-interior, a climatic island of event and activities. Though the utility of the Flat Horizontal in a wide range of programmatic applications makes it difficult to classify functionally, it obeys a more or less consistent logic of location and positioning. Its large […]