The Princeton Envelope Group (PEG) is a design and research unit at the Princeton University School of Architecture. Headed by Alejandro Zaera-Polo and coordinated by Urtzi Grau. The unit is engaged in a three year research program on the Politics of the Building Envelope the conclusions of which will be published in a forthcoming book by Actar Press, Barcelona+New York.

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New Orleans Site

Program Distribution The original program of the Magnolia Projects was composed of 1400 residential units in flat vertical buildings: 400 X 1 bdr (360sqf), 400 X 2bdr (480sqf), 200 X 2 bdr (540sqf), 40 X 2 bdr (600sqf), 40 X 3 bdr (720sqf), 200 X triplex 2 bdr (600sqf),80 duplex X 2 bdr (600sqf), 40 […]

Wal-Mart World Map

Walmart World Map The world map charts insolation levels, annual precipitation, cultural protectionism, economic freedom, anti-globalization, and four climatic case studies: Stockholm, Sweden, New Jersey, Cairo, Egypt, and Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Flat Horizontal Typology Diagrams

An attempt has been made to establish a set of normative behaviors for the Flat Horizontal type in terms of its response to scale. This emphasis on scale allows new avenues for prototypical development, in the sense that existing examples can be examined with regard to their envelopes’ behaviors across scales and the degree to […]