The Princeton Envelope Group (PEG) is a design and research unit at the Princeton University School of Architecture. Headed by Alejandro Zaera-Polo and coordinated by Urtzi Grau. The unit is engaged in a three year research program on the Politics of the Building Envelope the conclusions of which will be published in a forthcoming book by Actar Press, Barcelona+New York.

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The Twin Pines site is an example of combining resources to create a space of recreation. It marks a combined effort between 4 municipalities and the County government to establish a shared facility for sports and recreation on a former airfield in Hopewell Township. The Twin Pines project includes facilities for performance, recreation, and parking but lacks an interior space that would allow for a wider range of events and assemblies.

The Twin Pines site is currently under development by 5 municipal governments in Mercer County. Consolidating Resources: The current economic recession has forced many suburban communities to consolidate resources for programs of assembly and recreation. Dependent as they are on state educational funding, these facilities are subject to increasingly difficult economic restrictions. As budgets tighten extra-curricular activities are among the first to be cut, and the expensive construction, maintenance and energy costs of these large facilities becomes increasingly burdensome.

Though unique to its location, the Twin Pines site poses three important conditions that are typical of the Flat Horizontal type: